In the latest Qandor Club Q Magazine, CEO Michael Bristow reflects upon the recent Government emphasis on the contribution that building and construction can make to the economic recovery and how working with the right partners will ensure that you’re at the forefront of opportunity. Read the latest issue here:

There is no doubt that a key part of economic recovery will be to build, in terms of both infrastructure and chronically under-supplied housing, as this drives spend on materials, labour, and services throughout the building and construction ecosystem. This has now been emphasised by Boris Johnson in his Dudley speech on 30th June – good old Keynesian economics.

CrowdProperty is a specialist property project lender, built on expertise in small and medium sized residential property projects. As property finance by property people, we fundamentally understand the needs of SME developers like you - speed, ease, and certainty of finance, alongside transparency, access to decision makers, expertise in what you’re doing and building a long-term funding partner relationship. We know, just for example, that it’s critically important for you to select the right project as efficiently as possible (and understand why you may wish to pass on one project based on direct expert feedback), that you can get the best deal by delivering speed and certainty to vendors and the best way to keep the site motivated is to pay swiftly, supported by market-leading speed of assessing and releasing drawdowns.

All this is actually irrespective of our sources of capital – whether we’re an ‘alternative finance’, ‘peer-to-peer’ or ‘crowdfunding’ business – you want a funding partner to help you grow your business quicker. As it happens, and what couldn’t be more important right now, is that we have uniquely diverse sources of capital from retail, high net worth, ultra-high net worth, private fund, and major institutional sources. Most funders in the market are exposed with single sources of capital, and they were the first to shut up shop as Covid-19 set in. Even those with multiple sources were exposed as those sources had exactly the same underpinning exposures to equity market volatility and lending attitudes. Diverse types of capital with different needs, preferences, and attitudes, which is only built up by 6 years of lending with a perfect track record, gives far greater reliability of funding through any stage of market cycles.

As a result, we’ve been open for business throughout these tougher times, supporting existing and new borrowers, and are picking up the pieces for many who have had agreed funding lines cut, even part way through projects. We will scrutinise projects carefully and advise where we believe that it’s in your best interests to delay a transaction / project commencement, but we will progress all good applications, fund as necessary and work closely together with you through these times. Think ahead to the next time there is economic turbulence – who delivered for their customers throughout Covid-19?

CrowdProperty is changing the game of property project finance, very much open for business and here to help. Having built the best property project lender in the market, partnering with our borrowers throughout their project, as property finance by property people we are continuously building stronger systems, processes, and capabilities to help you grow your property business quicker. Covid-19 is a human tragedy of global proportions. Building and construction is a key part of the recovery and now, more than ever, there is no reason to accept the failings of funding providers that have only ever acted in their own self-interests, and every reason to work with people who have been in your shoes.

Apply directly in just 5 minutes at and get a quick, helpful and expert view from our team.

31 Jul 2020

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