Leading specialist property peer-to-peer lender CrowdProperty (www.crowdproperty.com) has now lent over £90,000,000 to SME property professionals, funding 1,100+ homes worth c. £190,000,000. Continuing exceptional performance has seen the business ranked in the Top 10 in Europe for lending volumes across all P2P lending sectors for the past four months (https://www.p2p-banking.com/).

Our partnership approach has been brought into focus during the recent pandemic, where we worked closely with existing borrowers to advise on reviewing supply chains, identifying areas of potential impact, implementing new working practices/procedures and working closer than ever with them in many practical and knowledgeable ways to mitigate the risks to progressing their sites. With existing projects which have suffered delays, we are working on a one-to-one basis with developers, agreeing new terms with those whose loans have either ended or are about to end giving them comfort that they have new/extended loans, getting them off penalty positions, giving them plenty of exit runway which they can repay early at no cost and protecting their legal position, whilst ensuring our lenders’ position is safe. Equally, with our Development Exit and Development Finish and Exit products, we’ve refinanced developers away from lenders who have failed them. We recognise that working together always produces the best outcome for a project, sharing a common goal with our borrowers – to finish and exit the project successfully.

We’re changing the game of property project finance and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next development project. Together we build.


Find out more at www.crowdproperty.com

Apply for property project finance in just 5 minutes at www.crowdproperty.com/apply

03 Sep 2020

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